Samsung Galaxy A10 Review: Amazing Mid-Range Smartphone!

Samsung Galaxy A10 Review: When Samsung was revamping its budget and mid-range series, it received plenty of appreciation. and that they quite deserved it too. They came out with phones like Galaxy M20, Galaxy A50, which were great in some markets. And in countries like ours, a number of their phones are undisputedly the simplest in some price categories. But now, during a bid to offer their consumers tons of choices, Samsung is creating a confusing series of phones…again! The previous J-series was confusing, as it is. Now, the A-series is following an equivalent footsteps. The A-series features a batch of phones – A20, A30, A50, A70, A80, and A60 and A40s in China, too. And today we’ve the Galaxy A10 – which may be a budget phone. But i assumed M10 was alleged to be that. So what’s the important story? Let’s find that call at this Samsung Galaxy A10 Review.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Review & Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A10 Specifications:

Display: 6.2″ IPS LCD display with HD+ resolution (720 x 1520 pixels), Infinity-V notch, 19:9 aspect ratio
Rear Camera: Single, 13 MP with f/1.9 aperture
Front Camera: 5 MP with f/2.0 aperture
CPU:  Octa-core Exynos 7884
GPU: Mali-G71 MP2
Storage: 32 GB internal, expandable via microSD card up to 512 GB
OS: Android 9.0 (Pie) with One UI
Battery: 3,400 mAh
Colors: Red, Blue, Black


The A10 here may be a bit costlier than the Galaxy M10 and may be a bit more toned up. Still, you’ll tell it’s your typical budget phone just by watching its shiny plastic body. It does seem well-built but feels cheap within the hands. Of course, that’s to be expected from a phone that costs so less.

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There’s nothing worth mentioning about this phone, though. Nothing really stands out except from the awkward speaker placement at the rear . that’s a poor design choice in my opinion. Also, with a body like this, it’s easy to urge your finger smudges everywhere it.


Upfront, its display is not any hoot either. You get a typical HD+ display in an IPS LCD panel, except for the worth , it’s okay.

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Colors are slightly washed out, but it does have a warm tone everywhere at an equivalent time. Also, the display can go from very low to very bright, but it’s not enough permanently sunlight legibility.

There is an adaptive brightness feature but doesn’t work that well. And turning it off just felt better.

Performance and Software

And talking about the performance, let’s just say it won’t allow you to down. it’s smooth enough and it tries its best to run everything you throw at it.

The Exynos 7884 chipset may be a lot better than what you get on the M10. Almost everything works…PUBG runs at medium settings with a touch of stutter here and there. At low settings, no such problems occur.

And Samsung’s One UI makes the experience a touch better. One UI, as we’ve talked quite bit about, is more refined, faster and provides a user-friendly experience.

One thing i prefer about it, however, is, you continue to get 32 GB storage onboard. There’s also a fanatical microSD card slot to expand your memory.

The bottleneck, here, is that the low 2GB RAM. And it hinders your user experience quite bit. I mean, you ought to confirm that you simply close up the notifications or alerts while gaming, because if you get a message on messenger while gaming, it cannot handle that! The Exynos 7884 would perform better if it had some more support.


Speaking of higher support, Samsung could have also included a faster-charging feature on this one. it’s a 5Watt charger included within the box which takes about 3 hours to charge. However, the 3400mAh battery does last you throughout the day, so, I stick with charging it overnight.


Now, all we are left to deal with is that the camera on this device. But here, too, there’s nothing worth mentioning. This phone, has, only one camera at the rear which I feel may be a step down from the M10 which had a dual camera, remember?

However, the camera is okay and slightly better than the M10. Under good lighting, it captures nice details. the colour reproduction is average, there’s less noise and therefore the sharpness are decent. Even so, it could use a touch more vibrancy, because sometimes, photos come a touch washed out. And it tends to lose focus easily while taking a while to specialise in a topic .

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There’s also the 2X Digital zoom, which, just means regular zoom, and that’s just about useless. an equivalent is with low light images. Photos are noisy, lacks sharpness, but a minimum of , the pictures begin bright…so, there’s that!

And yes, there’s no portrait option within the camera app, which i feel Samsung could have through with its software.

Selfies also are barely fine, which is, under good lighting. Color reproduction is sweet , although, it could do with a touch more details. And under indoor light settings, the phone fails to capture good selfies. it’s mostly blurry and lacks everything but noise.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Display, Samsung Galaxy A10 Price, Samsung Galaxy A10, Samsung Galaxy A10 Performance, Samsung Galaxy A10 Review, Samsung Galaxy A10 Camera, Samsung Galaxy A10 Design

However, you are doing get some fun stickers which are quite fun. There’s also a beauty mode. But if I were you, I’d stand back from it.

For videos, the phone is capable of recording 1080p videos from both the front and back camera, and they’re usable. They’re not good, but great either, so…it’s just average.


Talking about the extra’s, you get a Bluetooth 5.0 version. But you don’t get a 5 GHz WiFi support and also, no gyroscope. And since this is often a budget phone, it also lacks a fingerprint sensor. But there’s , a face recognition , which i need to say, is pretty slow. Also, it’s not that reliable. So, you’re cursed with the old fashioned patterns and PINs.

Samsung Galaxy A10 Pros and Cons


  • Display: Just overall a better viewing experience compared to the M10
  • Battery Life: Almost 2 days of normal usage under a single charge
  • Performance: One of the best performance you can get for the price
  • UI: A lot more refined, reliable, up to date and simple UI


  • Charging time: Takes about 3 hours to fully charge
  • low RAM: Only 2GB RAM option, which is pretty insufficient by today’s standard
  • Adaptive brightness: No ambient light sensor


So, what do I make of Galaxy A10? Well, I don’t know what to mention . This phone may be a better version of the M10. But it lacks the additional wide-angle camera which the M10 offered.

And while i feel , a price of Rs.14, 190 or some US$130 may be a bit an excessive amount of to invite some old-school features, there aren’t other offline oriented smartphone brands like Huawei or OPPO or VIVO who can give what Samsung is offering at this price point. So, if you’re trying to find a budget phone, you only can’t fail with the A10.


So is it better than the Redmi 7’s 2 GB variant? Actually, yes. Because both offer an equivalent camera output and more, or less, similar performance. But the A10 offers more storage and a far better design compared to the Redmi 7. So, yes.

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