Realme X2 Long-Term Review – Still Some Thing Amazing

So, with the recent launch of the “new” Realme 6 and 6 Pro, I wondered whether the Realme X2 is still relevant today. This question is kind of weird because this phone is not old, it’s like 3 months. However, I have been using Realme X2 for months now and this is my long-term review.

Realme X2 Long-Term Review & Full Specification

Realme X2 Full Specifications:

Body:6.25 x 2.96 x 0.34 inches; 182 gm
Display:6.40-inches Super AMOLED panel; 403 PPI; 91.9% screen-to-body ratio
Resolution:FHD+ (2340 x 1080 pixels); 19.5:9 aspect ratio
Chipset:Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G; 8nm Mobile Platform
CPU:Octa-core (2×2.2 GHz Kryo 470 Gold & 6×1.8 GHz Kryo 470 Silver)
GPU: Adreno 618
RAM: 4 / 6 / 8GB LPDDR4X memory
Storage:64 / 128 UFS 2.1 (expandable up to 256GB via a microSD card)
Software & UI:Android 9 (Pie) with ColorOS 6 on top
Rear Camera:Quad-camera;

– 64 MP f/1.8 Samsung GW1 sensor, PDAF support
– 8MP f/2.3 ultra-wide sensor
– 2MP f/2.4 macro lens
– 2MP f/2.4 depth sensor
– LED flash

Front Camera:32MP f/2.0 sensor
Security:The optical in-display fingerprint scanner
Audio:3.5mm headphone jack
Connectivity:Dual-SIM (Nano), microSD card, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS/AGPS/GLONASS/BDS, USB Type-C
Battery:4000 mAh with 30W VOOC Fast Charge 4.0
Colours:Pearl Green, Pearl White, Pearl Blue
Realme X2 Price in Nepal:Rs. 35,990
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Realme X2 Specifications

Realme X2 Long-Term Review!

Body Design

To be honest, starting with the build, I have no problem with it. It still looks like a new phone. Despite this white version with me, the phone doesn’t show any sign. I have no scratches on the back, so the Gorilla Glass 5 has worked well so far.


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Realme X2 Design
Although it is a little heavier, it looks better than the Galaxy A51. What I wanted to be good side frames made of plastic. This is not a big concern if you are using it in a good phone case, but due to my use of the RealMe X2 in the review period, the plastic frame is slightly depleted.

No other design option is better

By the way, the clear case inside the box should work fine for about a month until it looks yellow. And unlike the POCO X2, this phone comes with a built-in screen protector, which benefits me greatly when carrying my phone with my keys and other accessories. So, with Gorilla Glass 5, the screen protector is my saviour. – Realme X2 Long-Term Review

However, in the future, I would like to see a different design language from the company because it’s a quad-camera layout and sometimes a little boxy design.


On the front, there is a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel with full-HD + resolution and 19.5: 9 aspect ratio. Yes, it’s a normal 60Hz panel instead of 90Hz or 120Hz.

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Realme X2 Display

Does this make a big difference in your shopping decision? Well, it depends on your usage. Sure, high refresh rate performance makes everything smoother, and if you’re the one who plays most games, a 120Hz screen might be important to you. Otherwise, I believe the 60Hz panel would work just fine.

As I say in many of my reviews, one should not fall for the discussions made by manufacturers, especially on things you don’t need.

Despite this, the panel is good. Samsung’s level is not good, but good. However, one small thing that bothers me is that this performance enhances the symptoms of red, which I don’t understand why. In comparison, turmeric and greens are slightly suppressed. – Realme X2 Long-Term Review

The brightness of the X2’s display is good in indoor conditions, although you may want to look a little more when it comes out. The top has a U-shaped stripe, which features a front-facing camera. Traditionally, I prefer it over POCO X2’s dual punch holes. Don’t judge me, but that’s what I choose.


Which brings me to the quad-camera. I’m going to repeat what you said about the macro and depth-sensing lens in the POCO X2 review and this review of the Realme X2. I think the engagement of these lenses is just for marketing purposes and nothing more, how inaccessible and artificial they are. – Realme X2 Long-Term Review

And understand this and it is given in the telephoto zoom lens REALME 6 PRO.

I hope, by 2020, more brands will follow Realme’s action.


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Realme X2 Camera

Now, on the main camera display, the 64MP primary Samsung GW1 sensor is doing fine. I like how RealMe works in image processing to bring out the best in pictures. However, some images are not accurate and are sometimes over-estimated. Even though Realme sent the OTA update, it is still the same. – Realme X2 Long-Term Review

That is, we know it and Realme knows it too, although they don’t want to. Their study suggests that real users prefer more saturated images for colour accuracy. I don’t know, just my opinion.

Simple images

With the 64MP sensor, I noticed some shading in the shaded corners, but most of the images are detailed. Additionally, I find the dynamic range and detail better than my nearest competitor Pokso X2.

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normal picture

Regardless, if you are someone who doesn’t like to focus too much on editing stuff then my opinion is that the Realm X2 is a great point-to-shoot camera phone.

Wide Angle Images

The ultra-wide image has a little less dynamic range and detail than the primary but still looks good.

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Realme X2 Wide Angle Images

Portrait Images

I loved the images from Realme X2. Dynamic Range and Subjects are fun to watch and the background depth is also good.

Selfie and Portrait Selfie Images

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Realme X2 Selfie and Portrait Selfie Images

Selfie portraits share the same story, even when done through software. However, the dynamic range that works well for the rear camera is not identical to the front camera. The selfie from the X2 gives good results in terms of skin tone, detail and colour.

Night Time Images

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Realme X2 Nighttime Images

Normal nighttime pictures are not as bright as you would expect, but they are not at all pathetic. There is a Nightscape feature, which allows you to somewhat correct the risk imbalance.
Video-wise, this is equivalent to what the competition is offering, you can go up to 4k @ 30fps, resulting in a very consistent set of videos. If you don’t use a gimbal or any other physical video stabilizer, I think this is the best fix at 1080p / 30fps. – Realme X2 Long-Term Review

So, overall, it’s a decent enough camera for the average person. And if you’re a geek, you can install the newest Zicom and get the best out of this camera.

Presentation and Software

Performance-wise, you get the same chipset as the POCO X2 and Snapdragon 730G. And as I said in my review of that phone, it’s an excellent mid-range chipset.

You can crank the game up to high settings in graphic-intensive games and almost stutter. A daily piece of cake for the phone. Similarly, the 8GB RAM version I have also helps with smoother performance.

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Realme X2 Gaming

But I think RAM management can do a bit more on RealMe. For the 8GB configuration, this is not a big problem. However, if you choose the 4GB RAM variant, multi-tasking is a hit taker.

Also, I have 128 GB of storage with Fast UFS 2.1, read and write memory. You also get a dedicated microSD card slot here, which is always great to watch. – Realme X2 Long-Term Review

The in-display fingerprint sensor continues to perform well. This is more advantageous than the POCO X2 or Realme 6 Pro as it has a capacitive fingerprint sensor. So, the Realme X2 feels a little more modern. – Realme X2 Long-Term Review

No good software experience

Now about the software, Realme X2 is still running on the old ColorOS 6.1, although I already received a security patch in February. I haven’t received the new RealMe UI based on Android 10 yet, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is one of my favourite skins.
It seems to me that it is also damaged by bloatware, if it is not uninstalled, you should send notifications and it is annoying.

This skin is lighter than MIUI and has a lot of things to play with, so this is a good thing. If Dark Mode is your thing, then X2 is also covered for apps that don’t come with it. It was the side navigation thing that made me a fan. – Realme X2 Long-Term Review

Battery Connectivity

As for the battery life, this is above average in my usage. The phone gets 4,000 mAh cell a day. Since the screen is a 60 Hz panel, you should not worry about excessive battery drainage.
Also, what’s amazing is how fast it charges! The 30 watt VOOC Fast Charge 4.0 fills around 75 Minute the battery.

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Realme X2 Charging

When we talk about good things, phone speakers also impress. Although it lags behind the POCO X2 in terms of noise, the RealMe X2’s audio is better in terms of depth and overall balanced sound compared to the POCO X2. – Realme X2 Long-Term Review


Realme X2 Review – Conclusion

Overall, I had a great time with Realme X2. Even if you get new phones like the POCO X2 and Realme 6 Pro with higher refresh rates and slightly better cameras, the Realme X2 has an advantage with its Super AMOLED display and in-display fingerprint sensor, as I found out during my review.

Other than that, these phones don’t make much difference. If you are considering the pricing structure, it is even more confusing to choose which one. To add to the confusion, Realme is still selling Realme X and Realme XT. But in most cases, the new one is always good and when it comes to software updates, this is future proof. So, in the meantime, until the RealMe X2 comes down and I hope you get a new phone. – Realme X2 Long-Term Review

Realme X2 – Pros & Cons


  • Great display, with a fast fingerprint scanner
  • Good performance in terms of gaming as well
  • Great battery life & terrific fast charging


  • Inconsistent camera performance
  • Too heavy & dated software
  • The display is just the standard 60Hz panel

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