Dividend Allocated by Commercial Banks in Nepal 2077/78

Dividend Allocated by Commercial Banks in Nepal 2077/78

Dividend Allocated by Commercial Banks: There are 26 Commercial Banks in Nepal. All of them are doing good business and providing a satisfactory return to their shareholders. Commercial banks have a huge impact on Nepal’s capital market because they cover almost 40 percent of the market.

The Dividend History of Commercial banks always has been better so the investor always feels safe investing in Commercial banks’ stocks.

The Given Below table Shows the Dividend provided by Commercial banks in 2077/78 from the earnings 2076/77.

S.N.CodeCompany NameBonus Share
Cash Dividend
Book Closure
1NABILNabil Bank Limited33.64.438.00
2HBLHimalayan Bank Limited21.384.6226.00
3SANIMASanima Bank Limited17.000.894717.8942021-10-24
4NBLNepal Bank Limited14.003.0017.00
5PCBLPrime Commercial Bank Limited16.000.631316.6313
6NIBNepal Investment Bank Limited12.6113.38916.00
7CZBILCitizens Bank International Limited12.9133.08716.002021-10-08
8NMBNMB Bank Limited12.53.315.8
9NICANIC Asia Bank Limited15.000.789515.7895
10NBBNepal Bangladesh Bank Limited12.003.515.52021-11-01
11SBLSiddhartha Bank Limited14.250.7515.00
12BOKLBank of Kathmandu Limited10.004.0014.00
13MBLMachhapuchchhre Bank Limited13.30.714.002021-10-24
14GBIMEGlobal IME Bank Limited10.003.513.5
15SCBStandard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited10.003.0613.06
16PRVUPrabhu Bank Limited12.000.6312.63
17MEGAMega Bank Nepal Limited12.0712.07
18LBLLaxmi Bank Limited83.511.5
19EBLEverest Bank Limited6.004.3210.32
20KBLKumari Bank Limited6.002.678.672021-10-25
21SRBLSunrise Bank Limited6.650.357
22SBINepal SBI Bank Limited
23NCCBNepal Credit and Commerce Bank Limited
24ADBLAgriculture Development Bank Limited
25CBLCivil Bank Limited
26CCBLCentury Commercial Bank Limited

Note: Some Commercial Banks Can’t Announced their Bonus Proposal.

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