Apple iPhone X Review- Full Specification

Apple iPhone X Review

Most Apple fans will agree that the iPhone will be bought for the sake of the experience rather than the impressive features. The latest Apple iPhone X Review does not fail to provide a missing experience from the previous model. Display, face ID, camera and design all contribute to this new experience. I’ve been using the iPhone X for 3 months and here’s how the iPhone X treated me.

IPhone X Specifications

  • Display: 5.8 inches Super AMOLED with Scratch-resistant glass
  • Resolution: 1125 x 2436 pixels, 458PPI pixel density
  • OS: iOS 11
  • Chipset: Apple A11 Bionic
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Storage: 64/256GB internal storage, No microSD card slot
  • Rear Camera: Dual 12MP, f/1.8 & f/2.4, OIS, phase detection autofocus, 2x optical zoom, Quad-LED (dual tone) flash
  • Front Camera: 7 MP, f/2.2
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, A-GPS, NFC (Apple Pay only), 3G, 4G LTE, USB 3.0 reversible connector
  • Sensors: Face ID, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer
  • Other Features: No 3.5mm headphone Jack, IP67 Certified (Water and Dust resistant), Fast Charging, Wireless charging, Dolby Vision/HDR10 compliant, 4K video recording up to 60fps & 1080P video recording up to 240fps

Having used the iPhone 6 Plus in the past, switching to the iPhone X has been a very satisfying experience. The display’s biggest stand-out feature is the new edge-to-edge screen-up front for the iPhone X. The nearly bezel-less 5.8-inch OLED display offers good colour and good contrast ratios, but if you’re coming from the Samsung flagship’s perforated display, it may not look like an ESTO undoing. The corners are rounded, which at first seemed strange but now I prefer the sharp ones.

Google may have had some issues with its flagship Pixel 2XL with the OLED panel, but people with the iPhone X have no issues other than the Blue Shift that occurs when viewing OLED from an inclined angle. However, this is a great show.

The new iPhone will not be released without some controversy and this time it will be on display. Okay, so technically not the whole performance, but the top part where that dreaded ring is. And when you watch videos on this phone, this is a constant barrier – for a few weeks. The video you are looking at will give you a line, but since there is so much action going on in the Notch, you will be OK.

Apple iPhone X ReviewBut over three months, I got used to it and it didn’t hurt much – as it used to – and it wouldn’t have been a whole lot better because it didn’t. Optimized apps that do not have Notch support add a black edge to the top and bottom while only capturing the full display view. This is now fixed as most applications follow the new guidelines for creating Notch supported applications.

The Apple iPhone X Review has a new camera placement on the left, which is positioned vertically. Seeing the phone in pictures felt very ugly. Looking at the phone in the flesh, my thoughts have changed a lot. The iPhone X looks great from the back. And camera placement? Well, it is and it works great. I don’t care anymore.

Two dual 12MP cameras make the OIS ideal for low light conditions and have great stills shooting. This is the first phone to support 4k at 60fps and shoot full HD at 240fps.

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The iPhone is always a great option for content creators on a budget. With the range of professional apps and the hardware capabilities of this phone, the minute you get your hands on this device you can start getting creative.

At first glance, the pictures looked great to my eyes, but when I compared them to the Samsung S9, I found that the whites had a pale tone. And when shooting a yellow object, it enhances the colour and turns it orange. Good range and dynamic range are admirable. I was very pleased with the picture taken with this phone during the day, as it always looks natural without any osteopathy. When it comes to low light, the details are nice but the highlights are a little different. But still, you won’t be disappointed with the results.

The 7MP front-facing true depth camera takes good selfies with good lighting. Pictures from the front also look natural, but sometimes the brown skin tone is more orange.

Bokeh Selfie may not be accurate at first, but it’s worth exploring the edge to get the right depth of field effect over time.
Also, Animoji is fun to play, but this is something I have used less with time. Compared to Samsung’s AR emojis, Apple made excellent expressive facial expressions, and Samsung seems to be only half-baked.

Face ID is incorrect. It has a lower failure rate than Touch ID. It works great with bright sunlight, with no light in the dark, with/without style accessories. I haven’t had a big problem with these months and I think the benefits of Face ID far outweigh those of Touch ID’s, although I prefer Touch ID towards or behind it.

The cool face ID feature I like is the ability for the owner to only read the lock screen notification. So none of my notifications goes. Another important contributor to this new experience is the gesture to navigate. It took me a few hours to get used to, but now it’s second nature to me. I don’t remember the iconic home button. However, I believe that much can be done with gestures to improve accessibility.

A11 Bionic is the fastest chip on any smartphone in terms of performance. It is a hexacore chipset and can run all at once. Of the six cores, two high-performance 2.39GHz monsoons deliver 22% more power than the A10 Fusion, and four low-power Mistral cores are 75% faster than the previous generation.

The chipset also includes Apple’s first internal GPU, with 3 cores unloading the Power VR. It is 30% more powerful than its predecessor. It’s not just the extra numbers that Apple is throwing at us, but the real-life performance when using the iPhone X can realize miles of performance differences. – Apple iPhone X Review

Performance When using heavy apps and games I don’t see any lag or issues. The UI is as easy to navigate as you might expect on the iPhone. Also, multitasking 3GB of RAM is not a problem in applications load. The games are loaded in one stroke and you can easily play the game in the highest setting without breaking the sweat.

I consider myself a moderate user and the full charge on its 2716 mAh battery is enough to make me stand out for the day and include apps, GPS, social media, music, cameras and more. The iPhone X finally supports fast charging, which charges the device up to 50% in 30 minutes. But you have to buy a special charging brick, which is very expensive, especially in Nepal.

Also, note that I have some moderate heating issues with the phone. Optimization of various applications may be lacking, but the good news is that it has not yet been determined.


When it comes to the most premium flagship in Nepal, you have the option of Samsung S9 or iPhone X. If you are tied to the ecosystem the iPhone X is one way to go. – Apple iPhone X Review

If you’re looking for the price you want to pay, consider this – the S9 and S9 + come with 1-year breakage insurance, which gives you a lot of sleep to make sure some people are running with their risks. Phones… Also, the iPhone X64GB is priced at Rs. 40,000 more than the Galaxy S9 +.

Listen to the iPhone X if you break the screen! If you get Rs. Instead of replacing your phone with the new one, the Apple service centre costs 80,0000! – Apple iPhone X Review

For me, the S9 and iPhone X’s core assets, such as the display, camera and feel, are very similar, and I think twice before adding large amounts of cache for the experience.

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